Windows NT Tips and Tricks


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Table of Contents

Windows NT Tips and Tricks

List of Topics

The NT Command Prompt


Environment Variables

Wildcards and Globbing

The start Command

Long vs. Short Filenames

Problems with LFNs

Command History

UNIX-like Utilities

About Cygwin32

Using Cygwin32

Using Cygwin32 (2)

X-Windows and NT

X on NT: XWin32

X on NT: XWin32 (2)

Single vs. Multiple Windows

Choosing Window Mode

NT on an X-Display: WinDD

File Sharing

Mounting Other NT Directories

Mounting NT Directories (2)

Mounting UNIX Directories

Accessing NT Dirs from UNIX

Sharing Directories Under NT

User Profiles and Configuration

Useful Configuration Options

Configuring the Display

Persistent Environment Variables

Other Control Panel Icons

Adding/Selecting Printers

Configuring Printers

Taskbar Configuration

Application Tips

File Viewers

Parting Advice

Author: Michael E Noth