Project Management with RCS and CVS


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Table of Contents

Project Management with RCS and CVS


What is Project Management?

Version control: RCS

Putting a file under RCS control

Checking out working copies with RCS

Adding a new revision

RCS Options

RCS Tip: Use Emacs!

RCS Limitations

CVS - The Nouns Concurrent Version Systems

CVS - The Verbs Concurrent Version Systems

Initializing a CVS Repository

Checking out a module

Updating to see changes

Update example

Resolving a conflict

Undoing changes

Adding and Removing files

Committing your changes

CVS and Emacs (pcl-cvs mode via M-x cvs-update)

Using pcl-cvs mode

CVS Options for Emacs

Other CVS Commands

Understanding CVS Commands

Remote repositories

What is the Secure Shell?

Secure Shell vs. Rsh

Setting up Ssh

Maintaining the private key

Adding identities

Customizing Ssh

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Author: Greg J. Badros


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