Data Date Name and Logo

Data Date is a fundraising business I started in 1988 to help my junior class at James M. Bennett High school raise money. Click here for my card

How It Works

It's easy:
  1. Your organization plans the questionnaire to be distributed.
  2. After returning that rough questionnaire, we produce a typeset-quality, single-page containing your questions and a response section. We mail that form back to you.
  3. You make plenty of photocopies of the form, and distribute them.
  4. You collect the completed response sections for a week or so, then return them all to us.
  5. Our data entry specialists enter the data.
  6. Magical Matchmaking takes place on a Commodore 128.
  7. We print out a results data sheet for each returned form, and return all of these to you.
  8. You sell as many data sheets as you can, and return the remainder
  9. We charge only for the data sheets you sold!

Greg J. Badros / U Washington Computer Science and Engineering /