Emacs Packages

By Greg J. Badros

* HTML-Helper-Mode
Improvements (almost certainly obsolete by now) on Nelson Minar's major mode for editing HTML files. Provides indenting, color-highlighting, tag-completion, smarter tag deletion, etc. (Sorry only documentation is the code right now.)

* CTRL-Move
(Obsolete) A global editing enhancement to allow the use of C-S-Up, C-S-Dn to "grab" a line and move it with the cursor.

* SHIFT-Selection
(Obsolete) A global editing enhancement to provide SHIFT-key based selection in Emacs, much like DOS and Windows editors use, with S-Delete, S-Insert, C-Delete, C-Insert all acting as under the Windows CUA.

Please direct comments to gjb@cs.duke.edu. As I am still learning Emacs, all suggestions and criticisms are appreciated.
Greg J. Badros / U Washington Computer Science and Engineering / gjb@cs.washington.edu