An XML-based Source Code Representation for Java Programs

Copyright (C) 2000, Greg J. Badros, <>
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(Last updated 16-November-2000)


The classical plain-text representation of source code is convenient for programmers but requires parsing to uncover the deep structure of the program. While sophisticated software tools parse source code to gain access to the program's structure, many lightweight programming aids such as grep rely instead on only the lexical structure of source code. I describe a new XML application that provides an alternative representation of Java source code. This XML-based representation, called JavaML, is more natural for tools and permits easy specification of numerous software-engineering analyses by leveraging the abundance of XML tools and techniques. A robust converter built with the Jikes Java compiler framework translates from the classical Java source code representation to JavaML, and an XSLT stylesheet converts from JavaML back into the classical textual form.

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Here is the paper where I introduce JavaML (from the Ninth International World Wide Web Conference):

"JavaML: A Markup Langauge for Java Source Code" (html; pdf; ps.gz)

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