Greg J. Badros's Publications

My résumé may be more up to date than this file. It also contains links to PostScript/HTML formatted files when available. (This page contains links only to Adobe Acrobat .PDF files.)

Ph.D. Dissertation

Extending Interactive Graphical Applications with Constraints

Refereed Conferences and Journals

Other papers

Software Projects I Maintain (or help maintain)

Other software I've extended or fixed bugs in include: fvwm2 (animated menus, etc.), TheNextLevel (m4-based Fvwm configuration), Z-Shell (colorized completion feature), Remind (bug fixes), Emacs (ansi-term-mode colorization, pcl-cvs mode bug fixes), XTerm (generalized X property setting feature), x2x (bug fix), GNU Enscript (highlight bars feature).
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